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AFK and a Postscript from Chocolat

I’m using a phrase coined by my favourite nerd, Dr Sheldon Cooper: A F K …. absent from keyboard. I’ll be taking a break for a couple of weeks, partly holiday time, and partly writing time – I have two competition entries languishing on my hard-drive, and they ain’t going anywhere, at the moment, and the deadline date looms.  So – see ya later!

a P.S. from Chocolat:

I must say I’m disgusted.

She’s sending me to the so-called Cats’ Holiday Camp.  Huh! Holiday Camp?  A place that offers no duvet?  no electric blanket? No comfy bed for sunbathing in the afternoons?  I rest my case.

Oh, and another thing, while we’re talking about my well-being and comfort. The under-cat-heating has not been up to standard this year. Every time I jump up and settle down for some under-cat-heating, She gets up and turfs me off. How am I supposed to keep warm? We’ve had an unusually cold winter this year, and although I’ve grown my winter coat, I have very short fur and I need  under-cat-heating. Humans! I’ll never understand them.

I’m so fed up I’m not even taking anything to read.  She suggested I might enjoy a book about my larger relatives, The Lions of Tsavo.  Now, I ask you, why would I want to read about lions bounding across the veldt whilst I’m locked up in a miserable cage? Be reasonable!

With an angry swish of the tail: