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It’s that time of year again: SALE TIME!  I can’t resist a Sale.  Now starts the customary inner tug-of-war: you don’t need any more books – don’t go.

Yes but: there are such bargains.

No: your credit card has smoke gushing out of it after the annual Christmas splurge.

Yes but: I can buy wonderful bargain books in preparation for Christmas 2011 and save money. This would be a good thing, wouldn’t it ?  A responsible and thrifty thing to do. Of course it would.

And so the battle rages, as I surreptitiously mark the day & time of the Loyalty Members Only Pre-Sale Opportunity into my diary. I tell myself that I’ll just go and look;  I won’t actually buy anything, not unless its marked down to R10 and its a book I’ve waited for all my life.

Yeah – right. Who are you kidding?

No, really.  This year I mean it.  I will be strong.  I will resist temptation.  Look how I keep a slab of chocolate in the cupboard and only have one square approximately every six week – see ? If that isn’t willpower, I don’t know what is. I can be strong.  And how about last year – I never even went to the November sale. I ignored it completely.

Yes but : only because you were on crutches after undergoing  major surgery!

I contemplate leaving my credit cards at home and going to the sale. No: I’m stronger than that.  I will take them with me.  What if I have some unforeseen emergency?  I seldom carry cash.  It would be foolish to venture forth, card-less.  It will be fine.  I will not succumb.


This year I did rather well, I thought.  I completely ignored the novels. I know I can access them via the Library, my Book Club and friend’s bookshelves. Travel guides, cookery books, art and decor books were fun to flip through but I resolutely put them back onto the piles. Self-help, religion, politics, biography :NWOV (not wanted on voyage) .

My resolve wavered  when I found a fat paperback that I’d been dying to read and my Book Club had rejected. It was only R40-00; if that wasn’t a bargain what was?  My good resolutions crumbled when I found a solid hardcover BBC book from the TV series Around the World in 80 Gardens – unbelievable price at R80-00. And then there was the oversized format Bizarre Buildings with gorgeous colour photos on every page – I mean, at R75-00 it would have been a crime not to buy it. I bought two books as gifts for friends – I just know they’ll love them.  Plus I did have that helpful R20 discount coupon, thoughtfully mailed to me by the bookstore  prior to the January sale, so all in all, it was an economical outing.  I managed to coax R198 out of my credit card, and gleefully carted my bargain purchases home.

Let me see: five books for under R200-00. Personally I think that was a triumph, don’t you?


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