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The one & only: Mr Spock

The one & only: Mr Spock

I know I’m way too old and sensible to be watching re-runs of Star Trek (Series 3) but I thought: why not? Just for fun while my eyes are playing up. (Recently I’ve had to curtail my reading – sigh).

So far I‘ve watched two episodes and I’m stunned at just how bad they are  – the plots are laughable; the acting is terrible; the dialogue is even worse; the make-up is truly dreadful; and the sets are visibly ply-wood. And yet, at the time, during the late 60s/mid-70s we watched eagerly, dying for the next episode.  If it’s proved one thing it’s that we’ve become so accustomed to very sophisticated special effects and techno wizardry, that the fore-runners in the genre  – by comparison 40 years on – come off a very poor tenth best. Sorry, Mr Spock, but logic tells me so.

I’ll probably watch a few more episodes. Because I’m an avid fan of The Big Bang Theory, which has constant erudite references to the series, I’ll press on, going where no man has gone before ….. wait for me, Sheldon Cooper!


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AFK and a Postscript from Chocolat

I’m using a phrase coined by my favourite nerd, Dr Sheldon Cooper: A F K …. absent from keyboard. I’ll be taking a break for a couple of weeks, partly holiday time, and partly writing time – I have two competition entries languishing on my hard-drive, and they ain’t going anywhere, at the moment, and the deadline date looms.  So – see ya later!

a P.S. from Chocolat:

I must say I’m disgusted.

She’s sending me to the so-called Cats’ Holiday Camp.  Huh! Holiday Camp?  A place that offers no duvet?  no electric blanket? No comfy bed for sunbathing in the afternoons?  I rest my case.

Oh, and another thing, while we’re talking about my well-being and comfort. The under-cat-heating has not been up to standard this year. Every time I jump up and settle down for some under-cat-heating, She gets up and turfs me off. How am I supposed to keep warm? We’ve had an unusually cold winter this year, and although I’ve grown my winter coat, I have very short fur and I need  under-cat-heating. Humans! I’ll never understand them.

I’m so fed up I’m not even taking anything to read.  She suggested I might enjoy a book about my larger relatives, The Lions of Tsavo.  Now, I ask you, why would I want to read about lions bounding across the veldt whilst I’m locked up in a miserable cage? Be reasonable!

With an angry swish of the tail: