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Memory Lane is not always the sweet, flower-strewn path we would wish it to be.  Sometimes it is filled with potholes and dead-ends. Our family visit to Zimbabwe in mid-August provided memories that were sweet, some sights that were bitter, but it was worth the effort. We had a wonderful holiday in Zimbabwe.

My sister and I had not been back to Zimbabwe for over 30 years. Eldest daughter Helen (ultra efficient trip organizer) and husband John visit Zim regularly,  at least once a year. Younger daughter Laura and son Tony had also not returned  for many many years. My three children were all born in Bulawayo, then  Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. John is also a born & bred Bulawegian.  I spent 31 years in Bulawayo, almost half my life span.  Here is a picture of our party, taken at Bon Accord Farm, in the Shangani District, on a bitterly cold day – 7˚C, the coldest I have been all winter – but as you can see, we were all
cheerful, and smiled for the camera.

Back: John, Helen, Laura, Tony

Back row = John, Helen, Laura, Tony; Front row = Julius, Alison, Eugene & Jennifer

I’m wearing Laura’s winter hat which the family decided made me look like a goblin; I hate to admit it, but I think they were right ….

But I have consoled myself that when you reach the age of 70, you can discard all  illusions or aspirations of glamour and simply be yourself. So it’s official: I  have been reclassified as a goblin. The hat proves it.

Watch this space – next instalment to follow …….


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